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Back to the basics...

This is the time of year that bow hunters go into their own type of "The Rut" mood changes. I have finally gone back to instinctive shooting with both my compound and recurve bows to my wifes request. I have in the past couple of years not been able to fill my elk tag. To many gadges have blew my chances at really big bulls in the twenty yard range. Range finder dependancy made me out guess myself and pull up the range finder to double check what should have been an Ace in the hole shot. Sights have broken Now it is all steam ahead, nothing is going to get in my way this year. Back to the woods with my God given way of hunting the Game animals we love. Snap shots without range finders and sights that could be nocked off from traveling around the woods. No more industies dictacted "have to have devises" that add weight and time to setup shots. I finally feel free of devises we have hoped that would increase the number of tags we fill because of the manufactors adds. When we should have looked at ourselfs to improve our hunting skills to make the person we are to be a better hunt Now to the fun stuff.....I am so excited to be finally on my way to the woods. Elk and deer are just above average, with the woods green from extra rain. Bigger antlers and fatter animals to be expected around every bush. Wishes for your hunts to be rememberable and exciting. With the pursuit of the game we hunt, comes the responsibility of being ethical in our hunting behavior.

Image by Y S
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